Opinions should you or not

Yes, I will be using these geese as my example. Easy enough to do this as when I went to take their photo they came towards me in an aggressive manner. Yet, our seagull didn’t bat an eyelash or eyelid or what ever they do to blink.

1 IMG_2692                                                1 IMG_2679
So who is right? Are you better off by letting the world go by our by aggressively standing your ground?

In a business setting listening is the first step. Not so much as what they but how they say it. An aggressive tone “our geese” person may not give a darn what you have to say and there will be no discussion. If you are that person and just enjoy an argument for the sake of an argument then enjoy yourself. Who will win? Better question if the two of you just enjoy the activity of arguing then no one is listening. No progress will be made and no understanding of the others position will be considered.

Radio show hosts excluded. On air only and also with the caveat that some of these shows have just become entertainment not educational in any manner. There are a few that will explain an issue from both sides or at least listen, Chris Hahn is actually the only one who comes to mind but I do hope there are others. I will listen.

Our seagull learns by watching and listening. He also is very comfortable getting his photo taken. Remind you of anyone? I obviously favor the seagull approach. You should certainly give your opinion but if you want it to be taken seriously a few factors must be present.

  1. Do you know what the other person is trying to achieve?
  2. Do they care at all what you will say?
  3. Do they really want to hear your opinion?

Should you be able to answer all of these as a yes then by all means share your opinion. Now you have a setting for a very healthy conversation. Be sure to understand that the other person is looking for the same qualities in you.

If you want to translate all of this into a business scenario then all we need to do is change a few words

  1. What is their goal?
  2. What is their pain?
  3. What is you solution?

Should you be able to answer all of these as a yes then by all means share your opinion. Now you have a setting for a very healthy sale. Be sure to understand that the other person will be looking to you to address their issues again. Be sure to ask for referrals as that would only be natural.

Opinions should you or not? Certainly you should just do it when it counts. It can be fun arguing with someone or it can by fruitful listening more. I will take fruitful in any business setting or when I am interviewing someone. By using your listening skills you will be better in sales, in motivating and in earning the respect of those around you.

Not only that, you will probably get in more photos. Just ask the seagull.

Brian Cohen
LI Speakers Bureau
Strategies of Success





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