Strategies Blog Talk Radio

In 2011 I came to the obvious conclusion that if I wanted to interview better  I better interview. Each week since we began I have had the opportunity to meet fascinating people from all walks of life that want to share their Strategies of Success.

The goal of each 30 minute program is to share three actionable ideas that a small business owner can benefit from. We have discussed everything from community involvement, family distractions, hiring employees to customer engagement.

Please enjoy any of the approximate 200 previous shows by visiting Strategies Radio

The live broadcast can be heard every Tuesday at 12pm est.

Interested in being a guest?

I am always interested in learning about your success and how we can help others achieve theirs. Some guests are professional speakers where others have never been on radio/tv or have even shared their story before.

My basic motivation stems from a challenge we all face from time to time. Doubt. How we overcome that is by hearing other peoples stories and understanding that we all face challenges and that is life. What we do, how we react to those challenges is how we live.

No fee to be a guest. The business is the speakers bureau. There we will help place you on radio/TV shows along with speaking opportunities best suited for your business.

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