Meet Brian

What began out of necessity has become not only a passion, but a benefit to those he works with. In 2006 Brian was asked to be a sales manager, the only problem was that week after week he put the same guy to sleep, in less than 10 minutes! That may be a talent, but not a good one for a sales manager.

Since then Brian has taken every opportunity possible to improve his speaking skills. Stand up comedy, motivational speeches, emcee at Charity events, Speaker at Networking events, Toastmasters and he even sang with an orchestra in front of eleven hundred people.

Combining his outgoing personality, presentation skills and over thirty years in the corporate world, Brian has created Strategies of Success.

His strategy for success is to help you achieve your success.

Brian honed  his interviewing skills while hosting the Strategies of Success weekly radio program. He also was the Co-Host of Comedy to Go Inc on air. This radio program highlighted the comics, venues and organizations that support the activities of Comedy to Go. Through his partnership with Comedy to Go (CTG) he has performed as a stand up comic and has shared his gift of gab by being the auctioneer on a few occasions. Brian actively assisted his CTG partner Keith Godwin when promoting Recovery Comedy and to this day the two are equally focused on providing valuable events to the corporate community.

Brian has also been the Executive Producer for Live it Up TV with Donna Drake. His main function was to identify guests that embody the Live it Up attitude and then to ensure that they are clear, concise and confident during their TV interview with Donna. Brian also hosted the non-profit segments of the show

He currently is the Host of the TV show created by the Town of Brookhaven located in Suffolk County New York. These shows are mostly Brian doing live to tape interviews of the vendors participating in the events in part hosted by the Brookhaven Business Advisory Council of which Brian is an active member and Chair of the TV Committee.

Since March of 2020 he started a Facebook Live program called Forward Looking Business Ideas with…… The idea behind this program is to highlight entrepreneurs that are creatively expanding their business reach. The live program can be found on his Facebook page and where shared. The recordings can be found on this site. 

Brian has been a guest on many radio/podcast and TV programs, being asked to speak to a wide variety of groups on topics that include: Goal setting, accountability partners, public speaking confidence, 30 second elevator pitches and his climb up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

His activities within the media, his involvement with Toastmasters and healthy lifestyle is Brian’s own Strategies of Success leading to the total implementation of the Long Island Speakers Bureau, Strategies of Success and his desire to participate in a variety of community groups.


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