Toastmasters Stony Brook Speech Wolves

Toastmasters has played a major role in my quest to be a more effective speaker and leader. The growth and successful completion of many projects and roles within the organization has given me the experience to take on business projects. Stony Brook Speech Wolves is my home club and has been a very important factor in my speaking growth since February of 2006

Did you ever wonder what a confident speaker really looks like? Take a look in your mirror and you will see a truly confident speaker. Maybe not today and perhaps not even tomorrow. But with the right amount of dedication you will be amazed at how fast your speaking will improve and how much your confidence will grow.

Our current membership is comprised of professionals, university students, business owners and retirees. Many members are new to the Toastmasters experience; while other members are more seasoned and have earned some of the highest accolades. It’s a safe and comfortable environment; and — most importantly — we laugh and learn at every meeting!

Club meetings are now all online – we meet in the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 6pm edt to 7:30pm edt. Our room is open at 5:45pm for guests and pre-meeting greetings.

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