My better half – a voluntold model

kj IMG_2850We all need help to achieve our goals. Sometimes that is a good listener, a sounding board or when you are going from hobbyist to enthusiastic hobbyist photographer you need a volunteer. When it is your idea for her to volunteer and she is the only one, then it may become volun-told. Volun-told with a smile of course.
My wife has been a sounding board for many ideas, the good and the bad. Although sometimes the person you are talking to may not fully understand your thoughts, it is nice to have someone around to listen to what you are saying. You may ask why. Really please ask why. Thanks for asking.

You are better off telling your story to a person rather then telling it just to yourself. Why? Glad you asked. Because your plan must be explained in greater detail because they may not fully understand what you do. This forces you to include more detail. Should you be like me, then details are just hurdles and who wants to take into consideration  hurdles when you are enjoying the process of envisioning fantastic goals.

On the word envisioning, let us get to the photos and call it a day. Be on the lookout for my 2018 plan. The goals will be shared, the details to be included but the minutia will be Volun-Told to her. Arthur also, along with the LISB Vision Team but you get the idea.

An idea that is said just to you is a dream, share it with some one and it becomes a goal, write it down and you getting closer. Take a photo and it just may become your reality.




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