When is a friend needed – Here’s Johnny

IMG_2413This photo also beings us back to the Crohn’s and colitis walk held in October of 2017. I will post many of the friends that came out that day to support, But Johnny “Sax” Mangione was a surprise attendee. For him of course not, but I didn’t know til that he started setting up. My role was the emcee for the event.
So using this situation as today’s thought. Does as a friend need to be with you each day to be a friend? No, nor should they. A spouse that is a friend is a slightly different scenario, but even then some distance between how was your day and every detail may make for a healthy relationship. We can get a marriage counselor’s thoughts on that.

For your friend to be a friend you need to known one thing. If you really needed them at two in the morng would they take your call. Of course then other thought on that is would you be comfortable calling them. There are many people I call friends, but not many friends that I would call.

Johnny Sax participating in this event reminded me that many of us have relationships  that physically drift apart. He and I did. We used to meet at a Friday morning networking group. Our schedules created conflicts with attending and I hadn’t see him nor many members of the group for months.

Now what are you to do with this?
1) Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while-real easy to do during the holiday season as you can use that as the excuse to call

2) Invite them to the next networking event you go to. David Gussin 516 ads, has events all the time. Boom Business Network , Frank Gargano has their next regional event Dec 19th in Huntington. If you are a member invite guests, if not call me and be my guest.

3) Go through old photos. I am beginning to see as I do this that there are many I have not called that I should have. Another look in the mirror moment. Do what you have been putting off. Even if you don’t have all the information just call that person and let them know you are thinking of them and what ever it is you are working on.

Interesting events will take place by doing this. In your mind you will begin to see possibilities and learn that more people care and support you then you realize. I would be curios to learn of what you learn by doing this. Please feel free to share any success stories along the way.

The Crohn’s and colitis Foundation schedules three fundraising walk each year on Long Island. Two in Nassau and one in Stony Brook. These photos are from the Stony Brook or Eastern Long Island Walk. Turned out to be a beautiful day.

There is one group that I wish to acknowledge though there is no photo. The Long Island Adult Support Group. About three years ago we began this to share thoughts, stories and achievements amongst ourselves. To each of you, thank you. Your involvement in the group and desires for it’s continued success gives me great satisfaction in our efforts. Thank you. You are my friends all the time even through we see each other just once per month.


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