Turn your attention to the Crohn’s and colitis Foundation

Really honored to be speaking at a few non-profit or community events over the next few weeks and in turn helping to raise money and awareness for the Foundation.

Brian Take steps SBU 2013Oct 15th and Oct 22nd I will be sharing the emcee responsibilities with Ilese Grossman Cohen. She is known as a recipient of the 2017 Angel Award, Board President for the Long Island Chapter of the Crohn’s and colitis Foundation and on this and next Sunday she will be also known as a Take Steps Long Island Walk emcee.

It is very impressive what she has accomplished and motivating as to why.
Ilise Cohen interviewed by yours truly at the 2107 Angel Awards

Oct 19th will see us at the Boom Expo. This event will feature nine different speakers supporting the Crohn’s and colitis Foundation.

You can support their efforts by attending and learning from their presentations. Whether you attend or not a monetary donation can also be made at DONATIONS for The Crohn’s and colitis Foundation

Speakers for the room are

10:45 – 11:30am Gina Coletti – Executive consultant at Rodan + FieldsLicensed Real Estate Broker at Smith and DeGroat Real Estate and Co-founder & Chairman at Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers

11:30am – 12:15 pm will see Andrea FeinbergBoss on the Beach present with Tami Racaniello, It’s Time to get Fit This will be most appropriate for the solo-entrepreneurs and the small business owners that are achieving success and are working through the “joys” of balancing life, health and a growing enterprise.

12:15 – 1:00pm Danielle Nicholas and Carmella Fazio both work for All Island Media and will be talking about marketing from an advertisers standpoint. The company description states, “decades of experience creating successful campaigns for thousands of organizations of all sizes.” Can you imagine the changes that the paper industry has seen over the years? They will be sharing the possibilities and the way you can take advantage of those changes today.

1:00 – 1:45pm Brian Goehringer First in Service Staffing and Rick Casmass PayPro – Time to talk employees. From hiring to developing employees this presentation will take you through the process.

1:45 – 2:30pm This time the connection to the Foundation is close. Julia Abreu and Angela Susan Anton of Anton Papers will be talking marketing. You should also know that Angela Anton is a board member of the Crohns and colitis Foundation. Should time allow I may end this day with a few comments of my own.

Register at www.boombiznet.com use my promo code WBP and brian cohen.  Please donate if you can at https://boombiznet.com/charity-donation/

Although Frank Gargano is not a speaker in this room he is the guy that brought this whole event together. Thank you Frank for this opportunity.

For more information about the Foundation please contact Suzanne Beck or the Long Island office at 516-222-5530

On the third Thursday of every month we also hold a support group in East Setauket. The Long Island Adult support group is geared towards both the caregivers, family members and those diagnosed. After Boom we will meet at 6:15pm at 3 Technology Drive in East Setauket. Please call the office at 516-222-5530 to register.


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