Fun in the Workplace at Danford’s 10.24.17

IMGP5435Ask about having and who do you turn to? Four different people with distinctly different aspects of what “Fun” actually is.

I was asked to emcee this but was unable. Henry Bramwell from Visionary Graphics led the panel discussion and my sincere thanks for helping me out on short notice. I obviously missed this panel discussion and if you did also, then let me introduce you to our panelists.

Don Romard from Toastmasters

Food Done It (Patchogue)

Nicole Tumilowicz of Sky Zone (Mt. Sinai)

Mark Damico of The Work Place Group

Given the fact that I was not there I cannot tell you what was said. I can tell you why I was very interested in this. Fun in my eyes, means engagement. When delivering a speech “fun” or humor or smiling or just enjoying the moment by the speaker is the only way you will be able to connect with your audience. Don Romard and I are both members of Toastmasters International, along with Rob Colefield and Chris Palermo who were also attending that night. We understand from what we practice that an engaging speaker can use humor as an effective communication tool and a funny story is memorable and may be the perfect way to ultimately deliver your message. In business that can mean a new sale, a motivated employee and a smooth running workplace.

I have held many office meetings where food is the hook, but never as a team building exercise. A very interesting concept is to use eadable mystery tours as a way to build a stronger team, but I bet it is also a great way to see who the natural leaders are in a neutral environment.

Before the event I also had a chance to meet with the proprietors of Hour Escape. Jay DiFrietus and I spoke about the business groups and if they see a benefit. There answer was interesting and I would tell you but only if you solve the puzzle to get the answer. 🙂

Sky Zone – what a thrilling surprise this was. Again I spoke to Nicole in advance, Helpful hint, if you are going to moderate a panel discussion it is helpful to know who the panel is, visit them in advance. My perception was that it was for kids who want to jump on trampolines, wrong. They are also very big on creating team building exercises for adults. More on this as I plan on visiting with Nicole and perhaps a 2018 Long Island Speakers Bureau will be planned.

Mark Damico,  Work Place Group , was the final panelist but lets be very clear, sitting in a proper chair, with a proper desk in a comfortable setting may not conjure up the images of fun, but it does create an effective environment. When you are efficient at work that will translate into success and we can all agree that being successful is fun. Mark and I briefly discussed how the office environment has changed. Different age groups and businesses utilize different settings to enhance communication among the entire team. Mark, I certainly want to talk more on this topic.

I also heard that Doreeen Guma from Time to Play spoke as part of the panel about her efforts with the Foundation.

This was a very different and interesting event being held at Danford’s with Brookhaven Chambers of Commerce Coalition. Barbara Ransome who is President and a true driving force in our community. Not only is she effective in what she does but she also has a fun time doing it. My kind of person.



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