Setauket Pt Jefferson Greenway Trail

Bike Path group

Being a part of my local community has always been important yet sometimes difficult. For many years I had to commute at least an hour each way to work if not more. That certainly made evening meetings a challenge.


About 15 years ago I did volunteer to help design and talk to the community about the Greenway Trail that meanders from Setauket culminating in Pt Jefferson Station. That is true today, but it will not be true in the future.

The Tesla Center in Rocky Point is along an old rail line the extended from Port Jefferson through Mt Sinai. More on that in the future but the Tesla Center, Nicholas Tesla is the inspiration for Elon Musk and his efforts.

On quarterly basis we do a trail clean up. Today was the day and just like the many clean up days we held before there was not much to clean. Kudo’s to the many that use the trail each day.

Meet Mr Green Bag – great exercise for both Man and Dog. Why name him Mr Green Bag? Dogs don’t wait til they get home. Just in case his companion needs to poop, he has the green bag to cart it away. No need to bring it home as garbage pails are located at virtually every road crossing.
1 IMG_2002

Many others were also using the trail. Many were runners, some hikers and of course since it was clean up day I was certain to spot a volunteer. He told me that he walks weekly on the trail and was really happy that it remains so clean. Another compliment paid to the community that uses the trail each and every day.


Setauket-Port Jefferson Station Greenway
A greenway trail is a corridor of protected open space established for recreation and conservation. Greenways provide safe, natural environments for walking, hiking and biking and non-motorized transportation. In some communities, they are used as alternative paths for commuting to school, work, parks and other neighborhoods.

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