Bringing everyone together creates success


This was taken at the Brookhaven CEO Breakfast in November of 2017. It was quite interesting to see some of the leaders in our community come together to discuss some of the new projects that are being undertaken in the Town of Brookhaven. I was given the opportunity to moderate this panel discussion.

There are four people on this photo that were my associates. Elizabeth Malafi, Miller Business Center, Ernie Fazio, Limba, Darren Cioffi CBMS Marketing and Ray Trotta Market America. Each of these individuals have created their own way to building something in their community of focus.

The statement that you are a reflection of who you spend most of your time with is very true. Each one is constantly looking for new opportunities to be more effective in their efforts. That is the type of person that you should be with as you continue your journey.

This was a great opportunity for me and I greatly appreciate, Keith Miller at Suffolk Federal Credit Union for the opportunity.

Brian Cohen
Long Island Speakers Bureau
Strategies of Success Team Coaching

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