What will Toastmasters give you the courage and confidence to accomplish? Dan Dougherty

Strategies of Success Radio with guest Dan Dougherty

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This is one for Toastmasters around the world. Do you ask your newer members why they joined your club? Why they decided as a guest to attend? After the CC is earned is yet another opportunity to ask what their ultimate goal is with Toastmasters.
Dan Dougherty​ joined his club for a reason, that reason has since grown and he is now giving speeches and promoting Toastmasters every where he speaks. Listen and learn how you can be more effective from a successful members point of view.

What will Toastmasters give you the courage to do?

Dan Dougherty, ACG ALB, was awarded the Charlie & Peggy Roach Founders Award for his years of epilepsy advocacy at the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA 8th’s annual Mardi Gras Gala!

“My toastmasters skills came in handy to command the audience in my acceptance speech!” said Dan. For most of his 42 years, Dan has been living with epilepsy. Dan joined Toastmasters in 2008 and is currently a member of Professionally Speaking Toastmasters Club. He gained his Advanced Communication Gold award last May after successfully run a workshop on team leadership.

Dan walked into the room without hesitation. As he began to talk, he started to feel the energy that comes when he stands in front of an audience. It’s an energy, he says, that gives him the courage to face his fears

Dan Dougherty

Strategies of Success
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