CCFA 2015 Shining Star 17 yr old Tracy Naschek Living with a Chronic Disease

Sep 25th at 5pm est listen in as we meet an incredible 17 year old that is tackling a very challenging topic. Dealing with a Lifetime Chronic disease

Strategies Podcast with Tracy Naschek

Dealing with an incurable chronic disease has challenged me at a young age to question what forever means. When I was just ten years old, my parents told me I will have this disease forever. That’s where CCFA comes in. Raising money through a variety of events, one of them being their annual Take Steps walk, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America attempts to curtail “forever” by funding research for more advances in medication and maybe one day a cure.

My name is Tracy Naschek and I am honored to be the 2015 Shining Star for the Gold Coast Long Island Take Steps Walk for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

As I move on with my life, I will inevitably face novel challenges. The future holds endless possibilities of flare-ups and hospital visits and potential surgeries. That’s why I need your help.  My team, “Team Tracy” has been participating in Take Steps since  2010 and together have raised $15,699 to date.  This year, we are setting high expectations and want to raise $10,000!  We need your help!  We can’t find a cure or fund the mission all on our own. This is your year to REGISTER for Take Steps and  to walk with me, my family, our friends and the hundreds of others in the community who struggle everyday with Crohn’s and ulcerative Colitis.

Donate to Team Tracy

Strategies of Success
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