SOS Coaching by Brian Cohen DTM

In 2006 I realized that becoming a more effective speaker was a necessity. It was a promotion to a speaking role at the company I was with that made that act perfectly clear. I was asked to be a sales manager and I was terrible, put one gentleman to sleep not just once, but week after week. Not good for a career skill, but it was excellent as a wake up call, for me. He know says that he did it on purpose, very kind, but not true.

Since that time I have given speeches at schools, events, businesses and of course Toastmaster meetings. Host and/or produce 3 radio and 2 TV programs. Performances on comedy stages and even sang as Jame Brown on a cruise ship.

My experiences have taught me how to bring out the best in you. While producing the TV show I would work with our guests developing their 5 minute interview. I have coached and assisted many of my Toastmasters friends. After each speech at a club meeting an evaluation by another member is delivered. Being a member since 2006 I have evaluated, mentored, coached both individual members and clubs. And what has really helped my coaching skills is the radio programs I host. Many times my guests have never participated in an interview and it allows me to work with them in advance and during our 30 minute interview.

My personal focus is on helping you find what is most important to you and the audience and to give you the confidence to deliver like a pro.

Our team of experts can advise on any situation from writing your speech, clothes to wear, speaking on TV to promoting your event.

We can accommodate training in person, phone or skype.

Brian Cohen DTM

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