TOMATO Talk – daily vodcast

Top of Mind Advancing through Obstacles

This program is hosted by me, Brian Cohen and features a wide variety of guests. The common thread is that each of them, each of us has had some turning point in our lives where we just knew a change was coming.

What we are aiming for is a very clear message that continuous growth is necessary, yet not easy. In many cases the obstacles we face actually gives us further clarity as to what we are inherently good at, what our natural ability is. As you meet our guests I ask you to listen for one word, JUST.

Listen also to when you use that word. That may be the clearest indicator for you when trying to identify your natural abilities.

All programs can be located on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and get ready to be inspired as our guests share their obstacles and how they not only overcame them, but grew in ways never imagined.

Strategies of Success YouTube page – the channel is TOMATO TALK

Brian A Cohen DTM

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