Thankful for or is it wishful for

cropToday on Thanksgiving we count our blessings. The friends and families we have. The health we enjoy and the business that we created that bring us even more joy. A blissful existence.

Perhaps one day that will be a reality for all but a few it is not. For most it is not that we are living a blissful life that brings us joy and thanks but the journey that bring us our enjoyment.

So many., too many people find the holidays to be a challenge. We gather with family and families coming to realize who is not with us anymore. We sit at the dinner table and for many it reminds of the life long challenges many face when eating. And then there are those that must work, can’t travel or a myriad of other issues that effect a perfect holiday.

Is it really necessary for things to be perfect for you to be thankful? No way. It really is the journey and for us to be able to be on a path of continued growth that we should be thankful for. Each day and each experience whether good or bad presents us with an opportunity for growth. Our family has experienced both as I am sure most have.

When you gather understand that each makes their own contribution into your growth. Could very well be that you just enjoy their company which creates a stress free environment. The other who always talks business and assuming you value their opinion could be a great sounding board. If you don’t could be time saver helping you avoid bad decisions. No matter their contribution be thankful they care.

Today what we should be thankful for comes from within.

Personal comment. If I was saying this on a podcast the words would just come out. Maybe when I write I overthink. Yet I sit here struggling for what I wish to say. Maybe it is just that happiness, being thankful has to start from with. No one can give you something to be thankful for if you are not ready to receive it. I should start telling you examples of the friends that I have made along the way that have opened my eyes to understand that you are the only one that can really effect your outcome in life.

People, friends, family business relationships, etc. will present us with opportunities and advice yet if we are not wishful for that “perfect” existence than we will never accept or even see the help that people offer.

I am thankful for all of those that help me. I am wishful that I can assist others. We will all achieve bliss, I don’t believe so. Maybe understanding that reality keeps my expectations in check.

Last comment is this. Enjoy your small accomplishments. Share then them with others and most important is to give thanks to those that help you and support others who are attemting their own small accomplishments.

My little accomplishment today is to cook brussel sprouts while still on the stalk. I know it is not much, but I have never attempted this before, it is a healthy snack food and by all means I am not worried about someone else being the same dish to the table. Really, who in their right mind cooks brussel sprouts while still on the stalk? I do, because it make me smile. Maybe it will even inspire you to cook a uniquely different dish also.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for finding your enjoyment in life cause it is your smile that may just put a smile on everyone else face and that is something to be wishful for.



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