2018 Goals starts now. Eating well equals success

1 IMG_1994Within a short time we will be talking about the 2018 goals we are aiming at and how best to achieve them.  I will tell you right now that one of the biggest roadblocks to overcome is confidence.  Before you begin your 2018 plans take steps now to build your Foundation of Success.

This video interview with Margaret Marshall is about eating well, weight and what my challenges were. Eating/Living well is important to me not simply because of business goals, but personally I see how a chronic illness can effect everything we do. We can only be in control of our lifestyle. Sometimes our bodies just don’t work and that is reality. But the optimism has to come from you. Eating the right foods, as Margaret Marshall talks about is one factor and a very important one. It is your decision to be in control of you. The confidence you gain by knowing that you are being proactive will translate into you being able to be on a path to success in everything you aim to accomplish. You may never fully reach your goal but when your confidence allows you to enjoy the journey then you will be enjoying a new lifestyle. You will not see anything as a sacrifice it will just be a choice. You will be much clearer as to what you should or should not do, and darn it you just may enjoy life more than ever before and that is a win for you, for your family and for everyone you come in contact with.

This interview with Margaret Thompson Marshall​ came up in my news feed and it brought a smile to my Sunday morning. We spoke about how eating well should be something we just do. Since then, I have added a few years,a few more gray hairs, but have not added any pounds. Your comments then and today are so true and though this was about my situation I am sure it can relate to many others. I was eating late at night, always just what was presented to me, not what I prepared and relying on exercise, With the busy lifestyles most lead I am sure my situation is not unique.

Margaret Marshall has a website provides a wealth of information
Margaret Marshall Associates
She is an author, speaker and a wellness consultant.

Brian Cohen DTM
Long Island Speakers Bureau
Strategies of Success Coaching


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