LISB partners with Success Hub presenting a Secret Knock Greg Reid Event on Nov 9th, 2016

Personally it is great to be involved in what will be Long Islands Premier speaking event presented by The Success Hub. From a business point of view, LI has been missing out on a truly motivational event and that is about to change. I have been envisioning an event like this for a while. now it will be and surely this is one night that the effective and stronger business leaders will not want to miss.

There are three scheduled speakers and a fourth is being considered. 13907103_1223340807690242_3722151098441489319_n

When the LI Coliseum announcement was made about the remodeling of the venue I thought it would be a great grand opening to present some of this nations best speakers including someone from Long Island that just fully embodied the spirit we all have. Willing to make changes, deal with challenges and be a real part of the community, not just talk about it, but really do it and do it for a purpose, not just “good PR”.

Shall we talk Law of Attraction. I shared this thought with anyone who would listen at an HIA event a few years ago. Before the LI Speakers Bureau really existed, before any written plan, before I even spoke to anyone about participating. Well wouldn’t you know.

At the 2016 HIA Trade Show, a few years after, Mike Aharoni, asked if I was interested in creating a Premier Long Island Speaking event. I don’t need to tell you what I said, but I want to tell you that one element of this must be included. Actionable ideas.

Three Actionable Ideas, has become a tagline of mine. Each program of the podcast I host always shares three actionable ideas, every presentation I deliver includes Three Actionable Ideas and every member of the LI Speakers Bureau is told the same thing. To be considered you must be prepared three actionable ideas that your audience can implement immediately, whether or not it is a paid or non-paid engagement. This does not mean, sign up for my newsletter, buy my book and hire me as a coach. Ideas they can do on their own. This event will be true to that, that I promise.

What are you likely to learn? Those things that take a company from serving our community to being an integral piece of our community. Our fourth speaker will be a representation of that achievement. Our speakers will give you the actionable ideas you need to get there also.

Frank Shankwitz, Founder of Make A Wish Foundation

Hear Frank’s amazing and inspirational story about how one 7-year old boy changed his life and the lives of over a million people around the world. The story may make you a little misty-eyed, but you will leave feeling good about people and will want to “give back” to your own community.

Frank is not selling a product or a program, only a message: Pay attention!  Every day is an opportunity to change a life.

For over 33 years, Frank has been a keynote speaker for the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s fund raising events around the United States, in addition to Guam, Siapan, and Tinian.

Ron Klein, Inventor of Credit Card Strip, Multiple Listing Service & Automated the Stock Exchange

Ron Klein is an ordinary man who accomplishes extraordinary things. He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, Credit Card Validity Checking System and the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange

Greg S. Reid, Bestselling Author. Acclaimed Speaker. Filmmaker

As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits.

Published, co-authored and featured in over 50 books, 28 best sellers in 45 countries, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Greg will share that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply.

Recently, Greg has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement – Think and Grow Rich.

and the fourth? If you were to put the accomplishments of these three people together, add in a Long Island Based Company who would you think it should be?

I have thoughts and will follow through with my own actionable ideas and here is what you can do.

  1. Believe in yourself and your ideas. Many times we limit ourselves by just words, trust me, reality will do its own limiting, don’t let your self created negative “what if’s” stop you.
  2. Find a team mate or better yet trust that one will come to you that is right for you. Many times people will want to work with you because you are willing to take action and they don’t. Know what you need, and when people talk with you listen, ask questions and then slowly consider what is best for you. A fast decision is usually followed by long term disappointment.
  3. Take a step – the perfect first step is one where you are most comfortable. Chances are any step you take in a new project will take you beyond your comfort zone and that is good and necessary. But do what ever you must to make the first step and easy and successful one. That will be the beginning step as your implement your Strategies of Success  and turn your “what if’s” into what will be.

    T0 attend our event please go to our Eventbrite Page

    To make Fourth keynote suggestions contact me at

    To sponsor our event also contact me at
    This will be promoted through all major media outlets so if you are considering sponsoring the earlier you do, the more promotion of your company we can offer and the more time you have for your own promotion efforts. We will help you if needed.

    As you can see I am very excited about the structure of what will be Long Islands Premier Keynote Speakers event. I probably broker every marketing rule with this article, by sharing personal goals, thoughts and ideas, but this event will do the same. Everything that you have come to expect at events will change after this.

    Full sit down dinner – Full opportunity to meet like minded executives that have set aside four hours of their lives to meet and hear from four phenomenal presenters that are at stages in their careers where sharing actionable ideas is more important to them then ever before.

    This will be at the Bethpage Golf Course Carlyle on the Green








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