Strategies Radio with Pathways to Health Gala in the Heart Garden August 11th 2016


Health and Wellness. The image of Health and Wellness is different for each of us but the
emotional aspect, confidence building and energy increase effects us all.
Podcast is live on July 5th at 7am est
There is a very strong reason why the Long Island Speakers Bureau, Strategies of Success and my personal efforts are behind the Pathways to Health event on August 11th. The foundation of everything we do begins with being as healthy as we can be. Very often we have to deal with chronic illnesses, our family does, but that illness is not often what really limits us, our mind does. If you cannot use your hands, than use your mind, if you cannot walk then travel using the internet if you cannot speak then lead by example.
Strategies Radio with Pathways



Join us at the Pathways To Health Gala Event. This is a great opportunity to meet, greet and sponsor a table as all attendees will be supporting an organization that is focused on the maintenance and promotion of optimum wellness. A portion of the proceeds to be donated to the Fairway Foundations Purple Heart Campaign.

Tickets can be purchased at

Event date is August 11th – 6 to 9pm –

Please visit their website along with their facebook and event page. This event is limited in size and will be sold out.
Event Page
Sponsors include but are not limited to The CorridorNorthBrookhaven Chamber of CommerceThe StandMartial Arts of WellnessDiverse Marketing and The Long Island Speakers Bureau.

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Working with those that use their Voice to Build their Company and further their Credibility. Through a few different strategies and affiliates we provide you multiple paths to increase you visibility in ways that I have developed mine. From the door opener of Toastmasters to individual professional coaches. The podcast can be as simple as going live on social media to hosting an edited podcast or being interviewed on radio or TV shows

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