Angel Awards June 7th, 2016 honoring Outstanding Women

On June 7, from 6pm to 9pm, the 2016 Angel Awards will be take place at the Stonebridge Country Club. Originated and presented by Rhonda Klch and Maria Frey, the Awards are given to outstanding women in the community who are recognized for their charity work and who combine work, home life, and volunteering. It is an opportunity for people to meet these incredibly talented and giving women and at the same time, be in attendance as the community thanks them for their awesome work for other people.

Klch Rhonda
When Rhonda Klch, founder of the company Equity First, attained her charity status approval she decided to do the Angel Awards as a panacea to the feeling that these wonderful community women were not getting deserved recognition for their work. The name “Angel” Awards was due to a recent passing in her family whom she felt was supporting her to do this.

During an interview that Ms. Klch gave to Brian Cohen on Strategies of Success, she gave several touching examples of women who were nominated:

A woman who is a nurse at Winthrop whose policeman husband was murdered on the job and is now raising their two children herself while running a Not for Profit organization, Just Cause; a dad who nominated his daughter who has a “godly gift” of taking care of special needs people all week and special needs children on the weekend; an employer in an insurance company who hired a high-functioning autistic girl who picked up all facets of underwriting in a matter of months and is an amazing employee, nominated his employee.

Special mention should be made regarding the Stonebridge Country Club as they, according to Ms. Klch, have been wonderful to the charity community. They understand the dynamics of the business community and charitable ideas. They are a first class strategic location as well.

Open to the public the Awards are $65 per ticket.

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