Danny Enjetic Rivera Founder of Asking Myself Association positively connecting

Danny Enjetic Rivera Founder of Asking Myself Association positively connecting

Funny thing is that Danny uses music to connect with his audience and his audience is riveted when he speaks with them. Bullying. One would think that bullying is only a school issue. Think again, better yet listen in and act.
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We wrote an anti bully song that is positive to teach kids to not give in and let them win. This song is called Asking myself  the performers for this song is myself Danny “Enjetic” Rivera. Founder of Asking Myself and started an anti bully campaign called Asking Myself Association “. In the past year we all have visited several schools all over the Tri State area and New Jersey speaking to children about bullying and i perform Im for the children,Teacher and parents. The incredible support in my hometown which led me to receive an award February 2013 from Ed Romaine Town supervisor  and Deputy Dan Pannico from The Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County for helping raise awareness in my community about bullying. It was an honor to receive such a prestigious award for  Asking Myself  and  a song called immaturity . This positive song is known overseas as well. We are in the process of trying to make it a National Campaign to help kids across the world.

With the use of a powerful message about anti bullying in the workplace at school and in society sung by Danny Enjetic Rivera and produced by his father Eddie Rocky Rivera a well known duo in the music world. AMA hopes to catapult this message to the masses with a campaign of love and caring to stop and eradicate bullying abuse in the world.

Office Number (631) 220-0185
Cell Number (631) 394-6204

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