What are your key ingredients for a successful Elevator Pitch – Inspire to Inquire

To deliver an effective elevator speech, 30 second intro or when someone asks you what do you do, in any situation you must understand a few things;

1) who you are talking with
2) what you want to achieve from that conversation
3) what value you bring to that person.

These questions and your answers will help you focus in on answering these questions at a moments notice when it is your time to deliver your 30 seconds of fame!

Your Passion – why do you care are about what you do

Why do you do what you do?

I became/joined/partnered in the endeavor because?


Their Passion – why should they care about what you do?

What are the benefits to the person/group you are speaking to

What value do you provide?

How can you help their business?


What do you want them to do?

Speak to me now about _____________________________________________________________________

Contact me at _____________________________________________________________________

Call me when you are ready for _____________________________________________________________________

List Five Reasons why you are in this business


List Five benefits a client would enjoy working with you



List Five benefits a referral partner would enjoy working with you


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