Speakers Bureau – books we suggest and are reading

Steve Rizzo
Becoming a Humor Being – The Power to Choose a Better Way
ISBN 0-9669895-1-1
Get Your Shift Together – How to Think, Laugh, and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in life
ISBN 978-0-07-190773-9
Cathey Armillas
The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing – 9 1/2 Ways to Get People to Love You
ISBN 978-0-9850054-0-5

Tom Fabbri
Ageless You Adventure – Live an ExtraOrdinary Life
ISBN 978-0-9911726-0-3
The BOOMERS GUIDE to BEGINNING AGAIN – Fitness Health Nutrition Anti-Aging
ISBN-13 978-0-578-10445-4

Jess Todtfeld
Media Training A-Z – Strategies on Speaking to the Media
ISBN 1-932642-36-6

Doreen Guma
If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Our quest for the quality of life
I contributed one of the chapters
ISBN 978-1-62697-219-3

Jim Ryan
Simple Happiness – 52 Ways to Lighten Up
ISBN 978-1-6048-1396-8

Harris Cohen
Lessons Learned – How to Negotiate the Life You Want to Live
ISBN 978-1-4582-0248-2

Daniel A. Ally
Your Are The Boss – Strategies to Refine Your Authority
ISBN 978149500495

Sheryl Roush
The Heart of a Toastmaster – True stories by, for and about members of Toastmasters International
I contributed one of the chapters
ISBN 9780692317525

How to Speak and Market Like a Pro
 I am one of the 14 interviews